Abundance Mindset

Who Can Enroll

Those who feel lack in any area of their life





this is not for investment advise or get rich quick schemes, this is only about schemas of your brain that aim at a deeper experience of abundance. It helps you believe, have and experience having more of everything

About the Workshop (Online)

You will receive a daily message on your whatsapp or email or both. 

to attract abundance into your life you need to develop an abundance consciousness. It is a matter of awareness, and constant gentle practise.

Expected from Participant

1. Commitment of participation for 30 days  continuously (no holiday)

2. Get a notebook, pen, colors of your choice, preferably have at least 12 different colors, more if you want a bigger spectrum


Participants Speak

As I look back from the day I started how beautifully I got support from my Source, freedom from my self created limitations and blocks. Abundance and Prosperity are generally related to money but I realise that it is not all about money it is about how I build that trust, connection with the source of all that is. Thats it, rest of my life is set. thank you Shobha 


Participants Speak

It helped me release my blocks and I personally experienced healing from the time I enrolled. I strongly recommend this program to all those who wish to tap into their birthright of abundace. Love and Gratitude

Madhureima Devi

Participants Speak

This course has taught me to see that everything is for me, I have started feeling immense love for myself and things around me. Every message taught me something new about life.