Chakra Detox

Who Can Enroll

  1.  Participant must be 18+ years old
  2. Individuals under going issues in relationship / money/ career/ health/ grief/ loss/ etc
  3. General Curiosity

About Workshop

1. Understand chakra system briefly

2. Emotions and People 

3. Stories of incidents against each emotion

4. Clearing


5. Forgiveness using 13 steps/ 7 steps/ other tools of Radical Forgiveness

Expected of Participants

  1. You are expected to be seated 15 Minutes before the start of the program everyday as applicable
  2. Take responsibility for their life and actions
  3. Gadgets in Silent mode during the workshop
  4. Making note of the shifts and changes, acknowledging them with gratitude

Participants Speak

I understood how many of my chakras were having so many people stories and emotions. 

- Anonymous

Participants Speak

Each time I have done Chakra Detox, it has been a different experience. I especially love the clearing meditation process and it feels so light afterwards. 

Kavya Mallya

Participants Speak

Chakra Detox is a gentle process but powerful. I have done other healing processes with Chakras and it tends to churn a lot after any chakra work. this is the first time my churning has also completed the healing process and I could simply go home and sleep knowing that its all done. Thank you Shobha

- Veeravamshidhar