Dancing With The Dark

Who can Enroll

  1.  Participant must be 18+ years old
  2. When was the last time you felt complete by yourself? Ever wonder why you feel incomplete most of the time? Why you get angry with others for your condition?

About Workshop

 You uncover your unamplified, rejected and hidden dark aspects - one by one. You acknowledge, accept, embrace and make peace with them. You access them to your advantage and double your power. They are as much a part of you and as good as your so-called 'good', 'cool' aspects. The light and the dark aspects together make you whole and complete. Together they set you free!     


You contain the entire spectrum of qualities, good to bad. Some are your favorites and they are paraded like favorite children, some are disliked and hidden. You have an image that you show the world and anything that doesn't fit, you hide. That duplicity drains a lot of your creative energy.Not accepting those hidden parts holds you back from feeling complete. From living a happier, powerful and authentic life. 


If you find yourself getting upset at the selfishness of friends, laziness of co-workers, bullying of siblings, greediness of the rich, or anything else about them that makes you angry, frustrated or judgmental, it is most likely a symptom - that you are not ok with those qualities in yourself.   

Participants speak

It was fascinating for me to see how I was able to embrace my own shadow self and it felt like a game to be whole after that. 

- Name Withheld for Confidentiality

Participants speak

The main point in the workshop is that if I spot it I got it, its me in the mirror. When i blame someone for something now I know for sure I have it in me and I am able to be easy wit others, this has enriched my relationships with my family and friends. I am able to see clearly when I feel like I am controlling, critical and obsessed with my point of view. I become more aware and go within. thank you  Shobha. This is a must attend for anyone who has not embraced themselves wholly. 

- Kiranmaiyee