Dissolve (30 Days Online / Email)

Who Can Enroll

  1.  Participant must be 18+ years old
  2. Individuals under going issues in relationship / Self esteem/ Health/ Money/ Career
  3. Need to let go of the past and move on 
  4. Recurring patterns of feeling unsupported, taken for granted, abandonment, rejection etc
  5. Dealing With Grief/ divorce/Separation etc.

About the Workshop

30 days intensive, powerful and transformational email / online program to let go of the past and find peace in the present

Each day as a task/ exercise it involves feeling your feelings, write, draw and introspect

Expected of Participants

  1.  You are expected to put yourself first when it comes to doing the work everyday, after the work you can go about your day
  2. Do Daily Work given
  3. Take responsibility for their life and actions
  4. Spend atleast 30-40 minutes everyday
  5. Making note of the shifts and changes, acknowledging them with gratitude
  6. Commitment to complete the program in 30 days continuously (no holiday)

Additional Information

Those who have previously done Therapy work with me/ anyone else may be able to continue the work given 

those of you who are doing this first and have not had a background with therapy work may feel the need to do therapy during the course of the program. In that case please contact the facilitator to schedule in person sessions as and when required. This will be charged additionally as per requirement. More information is in the Energy Exchange page.

Participants Speak

I worked to forgive my parents one by one, so did dissolve twice. I also followed it up with self forgiveness work (emerge) later and this helped me in freeing myself from the clutches of my past. 

I am feeling so much better now. 


Participants Speak

I am overwhelmed with how dissolve shaped my thought process and shifted it for better. It works much more than we think it will. it was very intense to go through but i kept going on consistently. and support was there throughout. 

Gratitude, Deepa