Emerge (25 day Online program)

Who can Enroll

  1.  Participant must be 18+ years old
  2. Individuals with patterns of being abused, feeling less than, feeling unworthy of love, undeserving etc
  3. Need to let go of the past and move on 
  4. Guilt and Shame
  5. Self Forgiveness Process


About the Workshop


25 days intensive, powerful and transformational email / online program to accept all parts of you, shed all masks and let the real you emerge from the shadows

Each day as a task/ exercise it involves feeling your feelings, write, draw and introspect

Expected of Participants


  •  You are expected to put yourself first when it comes to doing the work everyday, after the work you can go about your day
  • Do Daily Work given
  • Take responsibility for their life and actions
  • Spend atleast 30-40 minutes everyday
  • Making note of the shifts and changes, acknowledging them with gratitude
  • Commitment to complete the program in 30 days continuously (no holiday)

Participants Speak

The biggest shift is that I am a lot less critical of myself, I accept myself with all my strengths and negatives. I found a new freedom to make mistakes if need be. It makes me think openly at life. This has been the most satisfying and empowering thing to happen to me.

- Hari Mohan Paruvu

Participants Speak

My projections has led me to do radical forgivness and my ability to want to see myself fully made me do self forgiveness. 

It is very intense, felt torturous but when i finished it i felt free. It is hard to look at so much stuff in real and yet when i did it became small and went out of my way. 

Niveditha Indrajit 2014 July

Participants Speak

We are waiting for your name here....So Enroll :)