Family Constellation

Who Can Enroll

1. Participants age: 18+ years of age

2. Issues that have not been resolved no matter what healing work has been done

3. Ancestral Healing & Primary Relationships healing 

4. Health 

5. Terminally Ill / Transition etc

6. Money/ Career/ Life Purpose/ Relationships etc

7. Childbirth Issues, and Pregnancy related

8. Please call to discuss case if your reason is not found here.

About Workshop

This is a completely experiential, resolve issues etc. If this is a full day 4 cases are taken, half a day 2 cases are taken. You can apply independently as well. 

Case is discussed with facilitator

Participants & Volunteers will be present to be a pure channel for the role/position they are required to be in

A brief introduction of what to expect is given to new comers, else this workshop directly delves into the subject of healing.

This is a very powerful healing tool. You can google "Family Constellation" to read more. 

Expected from Participants

  1.  You are expected to be seated 15 Minutes before the start of the program everyday as applicable
  2. 100 % Attendance Mandatory
  3. Take responsibility to follow instructions
  4. Gadgets in Silent mode during the workshop
  5. Making note of the shifts and changes, acknowledging them with gratitude
  6. Confidentiality of the content is mandatory. 

Participants Speak

I did a constellation for my relationship and in the constellation there was a major healing for my grandmother who had been saying that she wants to passover/ transition and within 2 weeks after the constellation she passed peacefully. I believe that the constellation helped her heal whatever was holding her back and transition peacefully

- Name Not mentioned for confidentiality

Participants Speak

My son Ashish got a job offer yesterday, very happy as he as trying for the last 6 months

- Manjari

Volunteers Speak

I came into this workshop as a volunteer, one of my issues showed up through a friend. It helped me understand something i was aware of but couldnt put a finger on it. when we did a financial healing,  I understood, I was also motivated and created only when i had to pay back debts. Now i am trying to look at creation not from INDEBTED but only to create for myself

- Shwetha