Gratitude Online 1 & 2

Who Can Enroll


  1. Participant must be 10+ years old
  2. Feeling stuck/ Lack

About Online Workshop

30 Day Practice for getting into an attitude for gratitude. You will receive a message / task for practicing gratitude. 

Expected from Participant

  1. Require a Notebook & Pen
  2. Spend 20 Minute a day to write a  journal / contemplate
  3. Commitment to do the work daily

Participants Speak

Some unexpected changes in my body leading to a lot of tense moments. All tests turned out clear. Thanks to all the videos I followed to the T and daily journal ~ Namrata (Name changed on request)

Participants Speak

I would look forward to Shobha s messages every morning which helped me get off the bed and learnt to swallow pride and ask friends for help. I was so surprised to see how they were eager to help. ~ Milind (Name Changed on request)

I am ready to

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