Living Your Passions

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Are you living your passion? A life aligned with your destiny? Do you believe that living your passion is the key to a happy and fulfilled life? Do you even know what your passions are?  

Living your passion gives purpose to your life, enhances your contribution and elevates the quality of your life. When you are passionate about what you do, it makes you feel excited and happy to wake up every morning. The perfect life – almost!


But how do you discover what is your real passion? And how to live a life of passion? What about the challenges and limitations on the way? Is it possible to live a fulfilled life on every level: personal, emotional, spiritual, physical, material?

Come, envision your passionate life.
Let us get together, uncover our passions, and live a life of purpose.


Expected from Participant

  1.  You are expected to be seated 15 Minutes before the start of the program everyday as applicable
  2. 100 % Attendance Mandatory
  3. Do Homework given
  4. Take responsibility for their life and actions
  5. Gadgets in Silent mode during the workshop
  6. Making note of the shifts and changes, acknowledging them with gratitude

Participants Speak

“It changed my life! I have repeated the course 3 times and had fresh new passion list and my life feels fulfilled and living with purpose” 

~ Niveditha Indrajit

Participants Speak

“Gave a new direction and purpose to my life.”

~ Raima

Participants Speak

 “I am having so much fun in my life now!” 

Gautam Sunkireddy