Radical Forgiveness

Who Can Enroll

  1.  Participant must be 18+ years old
  2. Individuals under going issues in relationship / Self esteem/ Health/ Money/ Career
  3. Need to let go of the past and move on 
  4. Recurring patterns of feeling unsupported, taken for granted, abandonment, rejection etc
  5. Dealing With Grief/ divorce/Separation etc.

About Workshop

  1. Introduction to Radical Forgiveness
  2. Assumptions of Radical Forgiveness 
  3. The Radical Forgiveness Worksheet- how to use it to empower yourself in any situation.
  4. Practice Radical Forgiveness using The Worksheet, Audio, Meditations.
  5. Group processes like Breath Work and Circle Ceremony.
  6. Apply the process of Radical Forgiveness to a specific situation in your life 
  7. Feel the freedom from heavy burdens being lifted 
  8. Enjoy and celebrate your true self 

Expected from Participant

  1.  You are expected to be seated 15 Minutes before the start of the program everyday as applicable
  2. 100 % Attendance Mandatory
  3. Do Homework given
  4. Take responsibility for their life and actions
  5. Gadgets in Silent mode during the workshop
  6. Making note of the shifts and changes, acknowledging them with gratitude

Participants Speak

 "I have been working with radical forgiveness tools like satori game, circle ceremony, 25 day practice , worksheets, and I feel that its a good combination to unravel my self to me. I have seen a lot of shifts and healing. I am able to show up and dare greatly when overwhelming moments surface much better than 3 years ago. " Niveditha Indrajit

Participants Speak

"The RF experience changed my life. Forever. I am now more aware of my needs,and my beliefs and my actions. And I am able to focus on what I want in my life,and don't feel like a helpless VICTIM anymore."
Anandita Chowdhury

Participants Speak

 "The way things shifted after I did RF was nothing short of a miracle. I discussed with my fellow RF Practitioners and each one of us had incredible stories – people coming back into our lives, relationships healing, money coming back – mostly freedom from unforgiveness. It’s incredible. It’s a powerful process that can radically change the world. Do it now, the sooner the better."  Divij Kelkar