Radical Relationships

Who Can Enroll

  1. Participant must be 18+ years old
  2. Individuals under going issues in relationship / Self esteem
  3. Inability to say No
  4. General Curiosity
  5. Undergoing Separation etc

About Workshop

  1. Introduction to Radical Relationships
  2. Mission
  3. Soul Agreement
  4. Activation of Core Negative Beliefs
  5. Group Hypnosis
  6. Music & Appreciation
  7. Balancing Karmic Energy
  8. Releasing Stuck Energy
  9. Chakras
  10. Breathwork
  11. Shadow Material
  12. Family Constellation

Expected from Participant

  1. You are expected to be seated 15 Minutes before the start of the program everyday as applicable
  2. 100 % Attendance Mandatory
  3. Do Homework given
  4. Take responsibility for their life and actions
  5. Gadgets in Silent mode during the workshop
  6. Making note of the shifts and changes, acknowledging them with gratitude

Deals & Offers

  1. Early Bird : 10 % off on Price
  2. Group of 4 Enrolling get 10 % off if paid together.
  3. On the Spot Registration is charged 10% extra
  4. Repeaters get 30 % off on price or Price for Repeaters as mentioned in Energy Exchange

Participants Speak

My relationship with myself has changed so much and in the process it has caused dynamic change in my relationships with family, friends, work, and social engagements. ~ Niveditha Indrajit, Taurus Source

I am ready to

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