Satori Breathwork

Why Breathwork

Breath is what connects you to your life and death, subconscious mind to conscious mind, and releases blocks in your body

Why Satori & Breathwork

Satori is about awakening and to feel that aspect on needs to become aware of thoughts, core negative beliefs, emotions (which in turn block the chakra system) and do not allow the life source to flow through. 

Who Can Enroll

Whoever can breathe of course, with a bit of continuity as will be taught during the session. 

Participants Speak

Moved a lot of unresolved stuff, brought closure to several issues and I did 7 breathwork: one per week. I also worked with RF with this and if i am able to dare greatly that because i have learnt how to harness my inner work with breath. Feb 2015

Niveditha Indrajit

Participants Speak

Breathwork helped me process my grief and loss of my loved one Thank you Shobha


Participants Speak

Experience with breathwork was very refreshing Meena Gulla Feb 2015