Shobha Nargundkar


Change Facilitator

Workshop Facilitator & Retreat Facilitator since 2007 | Worked with more than 500 individuals while facilitating workshops for relationships, personal transformation and passions manifestation. 

Radical Forgiveness & Radical Living Master Coach

She is a Certified Radical Living Master Coach << Radical Forgiveness, Radical Manifestation, Radical Transformation,  Radical Relationships are various strategies under Radical Living which help letting go past and creating a future of your choice << Personal Coaching as well as Group Coaching

Certified Psychotherapist & Integrated Clinical Hynotherapist

Personal Sessions on Prior Appointment using various need based therapy models like Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy. 

Access Bars Facilitator

Access Bars Class 1 day and Tasters of Access Workshops

NLP-K, Louise Hay's Work, Energy Healing

Heal Your Life, Louise Hay workshop was her first experience into metaphysics and spiritual intelligence at work. She is deeply influenced and inspired by Louise Hay's work, is an NLPK Practioner, has studied Energy Healing and integrates it with her work. 

Gratitude & Thanks to

Louise Hay, Colin Tipping, CHII (EKAA), Sailaja Jonnalagadda, Anita Rajnarayan, and many other spiritual teachers and healers 


Unconditional Love, Radical forgiveness ....